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Greenest Grass

Our Green Solutions

Greenest Grass’ landscaping and horticulture services cover every aspect to add an aesthetic appeal and scenic touch to your property. From fertilizing and mulching to lawn cleanup and trimming, and everything in between, you can count on our experts for state-of-the-art services and have them at your back for all your outdoor greening needs.

Lawn Moving Services

Let Greenest Grass’s weekly lawn mowing service simplify your life with professional services. Our residential Lawn Mowing services in Boston include mowing in alternated patterns to promote fine line trimming around all borders and obstacles and healthy turf growth. Afterward, our team will clean and blow off your driveways, sidewalks, & patios. Our expert sharp lawn mower blades each day to ensure you receive the clean and the best cut possible.

Lawn Clean-up Services

As seasons change, you must ensure you take good care of your lawn and landscaping. The Greenest Grass team is here to help you get your landscapes, lawn, and hardscapes to look their best for this spring season and the next. We customize our yard clean-up services to your specific lawn needs and ensure you get the best-personalized grounds to care services your lawn deserves– whether that be lawn clean-up, tree trimming, or garden bed care. Our mulching, trimming and fertilizing cover the entire spectrum of clean-up services.

Lawn Mulching Services

Mulching around your lawn plants can help to ward off moles, insects, and other pests. Over time, mulch will help reduce weed growth, regulate the temperature of your soil, improve moisture retention, and prevent erosion.
Greenest Grass is your one-stop solution for any garden Mulching needs and services at residential and commercial facilities. Our team of experts will take care of every step to ensure that you get the perfect lawn of your dreams. Our trained professionals will bring the mulch with us and cleanly install fresh dark brown premium bark mulch into your backyard.

Lawn Trimming Services

Are you looking for a reliable bush trimming business in the town? Keep your property looking neat and pruned with the Greenest Grass premium Lawn trimming services at Quincy. Greenest Grass offers residential and commercial bush trimming services at prices like never before. Our crews will trim your overgrown shrubs, clean up your evergreens, shape your bushes, and even your hedges. Regularly trimming your plants will give you a healthier and more dense-looking landscape. Don’t let your lawn become an overgrown jungle. Connect with us today for premium trimming services.


Are you looking for landscape professionals that offer cutting-edge lawn care and landscaping services in Boston with excellence? Having cleanly edged mulch beds makes a subtle difference between having the average landscape and a well-maintained yard.
Our crew will dig out and spade edge any unwanted grass that has begun encroaching into your mulch beds and flower. Afterward, the entire area will be raked clean, and all the debris will be hauled off your landscape. Our deep and clean edging services will definitely leave your lawn looking as good as a fresh haircut.

Lawn Seeding Services

Greenest Grass lawn seeding services will get you the lush green lawn you’ve always dreamed about. Our experienced lawn experts will guide you in selecting the right seed mixture for your landscape and ensure your lawn is prepped properly. We offer professional lawn seeding services with state-of-the-art tools and equipment that promotes strong roots and beautiful, thick turf. Our specialist will evaluate your lawn’s current condition, learn what’s essential in your property, and recommend a seeding program bespoke to your needs.

Lawn Fertilizing Services

Fertilizing the landscape can provide the nutrition your lawn needs to be strong and healthy, grow, and stay vibrant and green throughout the warm seasons. Looking for professional fertilizing lawn service near you? At Greenest Grass, we work closely with our clients to develop customized fertilization plans that ensure their landscapes receive the nutrition they need to grow. We employ high-quality, professional, controlled-release lawn fertilizers that are specifically designed to stimulate turf growth. We also offer shrub, tree, and flower fertilization services.

Lawn Weeding Services

Do you have a lawn weed issue and wonder how to eliminate these wild species from your flower beds? Let Greenest Grass take care of your routine weed pulling with top-of-the-line services. Greenest Grass is proud to offer Boston’s residential and commercial weed control services. We help eliminate the weeds from your lawn & beds and know the types of weeds that grow in the area and how to get rid of them.

Snow Removal and Salting

We know snow removal can be a huge hassle when you have to clear walkways, driveways, and sidewalks just to get out of the house. That’s why Greenest Grass is delighted to provide efficient, quick, and reliable snow removal services and salting services in Boston to our residential and commercial clients. Let us clear your driveways and sidewalks this winter season! We use various cutting-edge tools for snow blowing, hand shoveling, or plowing, and we can also take care of pretreatment for bulk salt spreading and ice control.

Plant Installation Services

Greenest Grass provides a sustainable, environmentally-friendly plant installation and maintenance with all essential elements required for seamless installation, such as soil preparation and planting beds. We also treat and improve the soil with organic fertilizer, organic compost, and beneficial microbes.
We only use high-quality plant stock in our installations and offer years of guarantee on all plants we install. We use a bio-degradable, natural brown mulch to cover the garden beds.

Bush Removal Services

Having overgrown bushes on your property can damage structures and hinder walkways. With highly trained experts at hand, our garden bush removal protocols are unparalleled, ensuring your landscape is in tip-top shape no matter how many hedged bushes need to be removed. Our bush trimming experts pay close attention to your property’s value to ensure that our services enhance your existing features and work to eradicate all the bush hedges

Lawn Leveling Services

If you’re local to the Boston, Greenest Grass is the professional lawn leveling business you should choose for your grading and lawn leveling services. We have adequate knowledge to level your landscaping site. By employing Greenest Grass as your landscaping business, you can rest assured that your lawn leveling will be done right for the first time. Professional yard leveling services from Greenest Grass eliminate the risk of damaging a landscaping site completely. Our professional team can work with your landscaping site to protect against erosion and repair drainage issues. We have the lawn grading tools and equipment to level the slopes in your lawn. Let Greenest Grass be your professional lawn grading business for all your landscaping needs.